Creating a Network of Support

Three Worlds Leadership Network (3WLN) was launched October 2015 and is the first ever multinational network of Church of God young leaders in Europe and the Middle East.  The purpose of the network is to encourage interconnectivity and foster ongoing involvement amongst the 14 countries.  This is not just a biennial event, but has helped create opportunities for training, encouragement and synergistic regional strategizing.  By attending members are committing to engaging with the network via communication (FB, text, email etc.) and actively seeking connection through encouraging visits, participating in camps, assisting with training and ministry events. Camaraderie is particularly important and isolation is particularly deadly in Europe and the Middle East. In many of our countries, the percentage of Evangelical Christians is between .25% and 4%. Many of our young people have never been in a room with more than 5 or 10 Evangelical Christian young leaders. Events that bring them together are enormously inspirational and healing in a way that North American, Latin America, and African Christians cannot understand because the European and Middle Eastern cultures are so deeply secular and/or hostile to Christianity. Our team's desire is that this current generation of young leaders will be the first generation of the Church of God to not grow up in such crushing isolation. Rather, that they will live out their lives in ministry in community with each other and in partnership and unity. Three Worlds Leadership Network is helping to make that goal tangible.


To learn more here about 3WLN and the impact it is making in the region. If you or your church would like to be a vital part of this ministry consider supporting our project.

To give a one time or recurring credit card gift online, click the logo above. Alternatively, a check can be mailed directly to Church of God Ministries (PO Box 2420 • Anderson, IN 46018-2420). Please write the corresponding project #42.30310

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