Painting In Worship

Have you ever been in a worship service that used art (specifically painting) as a form of expression? Maybe what was done looked something like this?

Regardless of your experience with Art in Worship, there are some great reasons to include art in your times of gathering as a community. is the website of a team of live painting performers who painted the title picture on this post. Their work is breathtakingly beautiful and help engage the community through a different medium. Their website says this about their work...  "Art is our gift, our ministry and the medium by which we impact the Kingdom for God's greater glory."   "And our hope is that when we come face to face with the greatest love the world has ever known, we will respond as King David, saying- Your face, Lord, I will seek." 

Another blog post gives five answers to the question, "Why Paint During Worship?" Check out Pastor Manuel's post here: 

What about you and your worship community? Are there persons with gifts of artistic expression that could be shared for the praise of God during your worship times?