Beauty in a Diversity

Globalization has drastically changed the cultural diversities of our cities, communities, and churches. Many times this diversity can be the beginning of tension as misunderstandings arise from the way we digest and process through our own cultural lens.

It is essential therefore to intentionally realize our own cultural makeup and tendencies that shape the way we live, move and have our being. It is equally as important to understand the cultural makeup of our team members and those in our discipleship groups. This intentional work is a form of grace with one another as we gather around tables of mutually supportive and beneficial openness and consideration.  

Article excerpt: "When you look at your team, consider not just the difficulties that might arise from the gaps but also the strengths that the differences provide. Managed with care, cultural diversity can become your team’s greatest asset." - Erin Meyer

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I would also highly encourage you to check out the ABOUT section of the three-worlds website                                                                                             When you scroll down to "Different Expressions One Faith", there is some great information on how we, as a three worlds team, undertake the important work of learning cultural context.