Taking Out the Laundry and Changing the Diapers Kind of Job

"Know and remember your calling, because sometimes it'll be the only thing that keeps you going." This is what my parents told me when I began to wrestle with my call to ministry. My parents had been in full-time ministry for 25 years at the time and knew the ups and downs that a life of ministry can deal out. As I was researching articles on pastoral care I ran across the below interview with Eugene Peterson, the author of The Message.  The Message is a modern day paraphrase of the Bible which has helped hundreds of thousands of people connect to scripture in a whole new light. I hope this interview will help add some encouragement and perspective for your life in ministry. 


Faithful to the end: An interview with Eugene Peterson

By Jonathan Merritt

JM: With your experience in both the church and the academy, I wonder what advice you would give to young seminary students today. If you were asked by one to describe what is at the heart of the work of pastoring and shepherding, what would you say?

EP: I’d tell them that pastoring is not a very glamorous job. It’s a very taking-out-the-laundry and changing-the-diapers kind of job. And I think I would try to disabuse them of any romantic ideas of what it is. As a pastor, you’ve got to be willing to take people as they are. And live with them where they are. And not impose your will on them. Because God has different ways of being with people, and you don’t always know what they are.

Full Article Here:  http://religionnews.com/2013/09/27/faithful-end-interview-eugene-peterson/