The Importance of Art

When I was a young lad I remember a joke something to the effect of, "Our creative God broke the mold when God made you." While this isn't that funny and probably was meant more as a dig, the truth is that our God is very creative. I think often about creativity and how each of us bear the image of God in our unique sense of creativity. For some it's creating spreadsheets or business plans, for others it's creating an environment for community or safe space, and for others it's creating masterpieces on canvases of differing textures. However you are uniquely wired to express your own creativity, I pray you have found a way to utilize and explore that gift.  

As church leaders it's important that we realize how uniquely and broadly gifted our church body is. Hopefully we are encouraging our community members to use their creativity in the ways that honor God and can benefit the Church. Below is an article on the importance of art and why we should consider incorporating it into our gatherings.