44 Leadership Quotes from Wilfredo De Jesus (GLS Speaker 2016)


Many of you are familiar with Global Leadership Summit which is cultivated by Willow Creek Church in Chicago, IL. It's an incredible worldwide gathering of leaders from the church and business worlds which happens every year. Today's resource posting is a blog posted during one of the sessions from the 2016 Gathering. The full blogpost with introductory information is at the bottom of the page. 

The following are 44 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Wilfredo De Jesus from the 2016 Global Leadership Summit:

  1. A leader who stops learning stops leading.
  2. If there was ever a time leadership was needed it is now. We need men and women of God to lead in their communities.
  3. We have a culture that’s drifting.
  4. No one drifts upstream. No one drifts toward holiness. It is our natural tendency to drift away from God.
  5. The God you and I serve is alive and well. He is on His throne.
  6. The church is divided in their own political views.
  7. 44% of Americans can be described as Post-Christians.
  8. Going upstream takes work. You never drift against the tide.
  9. Drifting will not get you there but staying the course will. Staying the course requires establishing a true North.
  10. The Word of God doesn’t change. Even if culture is changing, the Word of God is true north.
  11. People all over the world are open to many different routes to find God. But there is only one way. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”
  12. The Word of God became the Word for my life.
  13. How we respond matters? How we respond to a culture drift matters.
  14. If you want the best outcome you should pay attention to your response.
  15. Although culture is drifting, the church is not to drift with culture. The church has always been at odds with culture.
  16. When you try to become relevant with culture, you become irrelevant.
  17. People begin to accommodate the drift.
  18. I’m not justifying their destiny. I’m judging their fruit. The problem is we’re trying to be PC.
  19. People oppose change because they feel their life will be taken away.
  20. People assume what’s the use. They withdraw.
  21. Accommodate, Oppose, and Withdraw are all wrong responses to culture drift.
  22. We must engage culture.
  23. Jesus moved toward the outcasts.
  24. Jesus stood up against injustice.
  25. Too many Christians value their position on issues rather than God’s command to walk in love.
  26. We have the responsibility to be salt and light in the world today.
  27. Choosing to engage requires a lot.
  28. On July 12th, we laid out 352 crosses in our parking lot. This represented the 352 people who have lost their lives in gun violence this year.
  29. Evil has prevailed because good has been absent.
  30. Good is the church and the church must be present when there is evil in our cities and communities.
  31. We must bring Good to the picture.
  32. This is not the time to retreat. This is time to engage.
  33. As of yesterday, we have 484 crosses are on the hill.
  34. Some of the violence is the church has failed to be the salt and the light.
  35. Know who you are. Know your identity. You’re the church, the greatest institution on planet Earth.
  36. We must not let Hollywood define us.
  37. I am not ashamed of the Gospel. You got to know who you are.
  38. The American dream is to have it all but the Kingdom dream is to lose it all.
  39. Making corrections are good and right. They are necessary to stay on track.
  40. Repentance implies you’ve done something wrong and nobody wants to be told they’re wrong.
  41. Repentance is a good thing. It is healthy to repent.
  42. A person who doesn’t repent thinks he can never be wrong.
  43. The Titanic still interests us because it could have avoided tragedy. It had four warnings.
  44. A scared world needs a fearless church.

Here is the full post:  http://briandoddonleadership.com/2016/08/12/live-blog-2016-leadership-summit-44-leadership-quotes-from-wilfredo-de-jesus/