A New Year is Around the Corner


It's hard to believe another year has come and gone, but it's true. In just a short time we'll be celebrating another New Year, hopefully with family and friends nearby. This time every year I hear many rumors and murmurings of resolutions for the new year. 

Do you ever participate in this tradition?  Maybe it's called something different in your culture?  Perhaps you intentionally stay awake from this type of talk. My mom every year prays for a word (or two)... she prays for a word of focus from the Lord made apparent through the Bible. It's been incredible to see how this word or theme surfaces again and again in her life. 

Whether this is part of your story or not, focusing our lives and ministries on specific goals or hopes can be extremely life-giving when sought after with balance.  I found these articles from the last few years that might help you formulate some of your own hopes and goals for the next year.  Happy New Year!