Do Not Fear

Today’s resource is a bit different than usual. Today’s word comes from a friend and supporter of the work in our region. This is a link to a sermon by Paul Strozier at Madison Park Church in Anderson, IN. It’s actually a sermon that he gave 4 months ago from this posting. I think the whole sermon is practical and inspiring, but specifically I’d like to draw your attention to the story that is shared at the 19:40 mark in the sermon. 

This story has had quite the impact all around the world through the many shares it’s received on social media. I wanted to share it with you today for two reasons:

1) Hopefully it is an encouragement and reminder for you today to “Be Still and Know that God is God” 

2) Perhaps this will be a catalyst to stir your creativity on how to best share the stories of your people. Many times we look for examples and illustrations about how God is moving far and wide, when we would do better to look in our own people. Does your setting allow for your people to share their own stories of cultivated faith?