Developing Leaders all the Time

"Investing in young leaders is a sure sign that we're thinking about the future and not content with mere short-term success." -Scott Thomas

Even though the language of "developing leaders" is a little different from the Biblical command of "making disciples", I think the idea of developing leaders within the church is along the same heart as Jesus words and actions. Jesus chose a handful of persons to grow close to and invest in more specifically. Below is an article that will help you develop your own heart for investing in the lives of those around you.

To view this article, you must first register for free. If you're not able to do that, here's the 7 principles the article suggests for "Training the next generation of church leaders."

  1. Nurture Their Inner Lives
  2. Focus on Their Potential
  3. Let the Lead (and fail) and Lead Again
  4. Encourage Innovation and Risk Taking
  5. Think Long-term and Short
  6. Help Them Create Life Plans
  7. Model Humility

I think the article is a great reminder that we must invest in people. The people we are investing in are humans. They live, breath, and make decisions every day. The truth is that humans, unlike robots, have a tendency to be messy. As living organisms, there is a process of growth that must also have the capacity to fail. Without that capacity, no life could come. 

May we be a Church searching after people to walk beside in their mess, encouraging them along the way to grow in the grace and love of Christ.