Next Generation Leadership Development


One of the most important aspects of leadership development is that you have to be intentional about it.  Developing leaders (volunteers, paid staff, or community members) will not just happen on it's own, we must take steps to invest in others.  

Here's a blog post from a pastor about how his church intentionally goes about developing the next generation of church leaders. Just a quick note: he talks a good deal about how he does this with his paid staff... I think the principles he mentions can easily be transferred to volunteers, paid staff, and/or community members  in our churches. 

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  1. Empower your leaders to equip others. The only way to multiply ministry impact is for church leaders to continually develop leaders within their specific areas of ministry. This is why it’s so critical to adopt an Ephesians 4 ministry model.
  2. Encourage church members to help you define a mission they can own. If you truly want your church members to become owners of your ministry, then allow them to be part of the process. Allow them to dream with your leaders about the impact you can make as a church.
  3. Equip your leaders to create environments where people within your church can go out and do ministry. Encourage your leaders to actively look for church members who are interested and passionate about ‘owning ministry’. Teach your leaders how to invest in them. Equip them with the resources and accountability structure they need to provide the things church members need to find their groove in ministry.