Don't Give Up on the Church


Sometimes the easier road would be to forget the madness and mess that is the Church.  

In 2010, I was in the African bush with a team of folks headed to a remote village to visit some of our brothers and sisters in the church there. We drove 2 hrs out of the city, then took a right turn onto a horribly maintained road and drove another 4 hrs until our bodies were shaken to the core and our faces were plastered with the red clay that was churning in our vans. It was the most difficult road I've ever been on for sure. Many times on that road I asked my self questions like "Why are we here?" "How much longer can we go?" "When will some relief come?"  Then we arrived and we laid witness to how the Lord was moving and working in a community in the middle of the African bush. The journey on the difficult road was suddenly worth it.

While it might sometimes be easier to leave the Church....  there are these moments of brilliance when the clearing is reached and the dust settles... I hope this attached article is an encouragement to you and a reminder of why we shouldn't give up on the Church.