Developing Leaders

I've been thinking a lot recently about how we were meant to journey with others. Specifically, I'm challenged by how important it is for us, as leaders, to be investing in other leaders who will come with and after us. In the article below there are some suggested actions on bringing others along the way and intentionally developing leaders.

Growing Creativity

I believe that we serve a God who is very creative. I also believe that the image of God is in each one of us. Does it not serve us well then to encourage the creativity in ourselves and among our people? I even wonder if cultivating creativity in this way is a way to return worship to God. 

Here's an article that shares 7 ways to encourage creativity in your church.

Love your neighbor AS YOURSELF

Sometimes the best pastoral care we can do is to take care of ourselves. It's one more aspect where we must find balance in order to be healthy. How do you balance caring for yourself with caring for others? Hopefully this article will help frame the conversation in our lives.