Developing Leaders

I've been thinking a lot recently about how we were meant to journey with others. Specifically, I'm challenged by how important it is for us, as leaders, to be investing in other leaders who will come with and after us. In the article below there are some suggested actions on bringing others along the way and intentionally developing leaders.

Growing Creativity

I believe that we serve a God who is very creative. I also believe that the image of God is in each one of us. Does it not serve us well then to encourage the creativity in ourselves and among our people? I even wonder if cultivating creativity in this way is a way to return worship to God. 

Here's an article that shares 7 ways to encourage creativity in your church.

Love your neighbor AS YOURSELF

Sometimes the best pastoral care we can do is to take care of ourselves. It's one more aspect where we must find balance in order to be healthy. How do you balance caring for yourself with caring for others? Hopefully this article will help frame the conversation in our lives.

A Good Reminder to Train Your Volunteers for Big Sundays


Easter, Mother's Day, and Christmas are typically the three days in a the year with the largest number of guests in a church service. It would make sense that well before these days we take a focused look at who is volunteering and how we help them create a more welcoming setting. Perhaps this article will give us some ideas as to how to prepare for these days of possible larger numbers of visitors.

The Important Partnership with Professional Counselors

Everyone can benefit from counseling! At my last ministry assignment we were incredibly blessed to have healthy partnerships with professional counselors in our community. Specifically, we even had one counseling center who rented space inside of our church building. This partnership was vital for getting people the help they needed as quickly as possible. 

When walking with people and doing "counseling" sessions as pastors and leaders, it's important to know our own limitations. So how long should you walk with someone down their road to healing before referring them to a professional counselor? Here's an article that might help frame why professional counselors should be consulted sooner:

Ministry for the Long Haul

"God calls us to work with believers who crumble, grumble, and grouse." I must admit these words strike a cord of resonance as I talk with pastors and leaders in the church worldwide. Questions of how to sustain ministers and leaders in the midst of an ever constant need are valuable and not easily answerable. I pray the words and resources of this article are encouraging. I pray these words will produce grit and sustenance as you traverse the road of ministry in this season.

An Article about Seeing God in Worship

"God is whispering. Are we listening? And through our visuals, are we helping people to see him? I hope this inspires you to pray and seek how God would lead your church into moments of silence. And along the way, let’s strive to keep the Creator, not our creativity, the center of worship."   (Excerpt from article below)

Developing Leaders in Your Church

What are you inviting people to join when inviting them to lead/serve in your church? Possibly one of the best pieces of advice from my own experience is to invite people to serve for a season (specific period) at a time. When we do this it provides a natural time of recommitment and refocus for our servant teams. This also enables us to journey with those serving with us in intentional ways. 

Here's an article from 2012 about how to find and develop leaders in your faith communities.

Don't Forget the Person Running the Sound

It takes a whole team of people working together to maintain an atmosphere of less distractions as people are connecting together through worship. The article below speaks to the importance of the person running the sound and how they need to put forward intentionality and preparation as much as the worship leader in front of the people. Perhaps one of the most striking points is that the person on the sound board should be committed to being a participant in worship and prayer, not just a facilitator.

Introducing Your Congregation to Lent


We're on our way to the cross and the resurrection as we approach the celebratoin of Easter. In our Christian culture and practice we live daily with these realities and so preparing our people for this celebration requires intentional engagement. How do you approach Easter with your people? Here is an article with some suggestions:

Churches Involvement in Justice Issues

Perhaps if we, as churches, got involved in Justice Issues on a local level it would be an opportunity to practically share the boundless love and amazing grace to all our neighbors. What are the needs in your specific community? Should the Church even care? Or maybe a better first question is something like: "If tomorrow your church simply did not exist anymore, would it be missed in your community?" 

Below is a link to an article that mentions some practical ways that we might engage in the justice issues represented in our communities.

A Perspective On NOT Giving Up On Youth Ministry

Long hours, general moodiness of teens, small visible wins, way to much pizza, dealing with parents, and because it seems like nobody is listening... these are all reasons I've heard as people have contemplated getting out of youth ministry. While it is no walk in the park, youth ministry plays a vital role in the life of the church.  Here's one pastor's perspective on why we shouldn't give up on youth ministry.