An Idea for Personal or Group Bible and Art Time


Perhaps you’ve heard of it, but it seems as though I’ve seen it more and more. For those of you looking for a new way to dive into Scripture or express with a small group how a specific passage has impacted you, maybe you should try Bible Art Journaling.  It seems a great outlet for those who are artistically inclined and a new lens through which to approach scripture for those of us who are not as inclined in the arts.   

Here’s an example of some Bible Art Journaling from a German group. 


Comprehensive Article on Self Care


This article is a fairly comprehensive look at self care for those in ministry.  So often there’s a misconception that self care is selfish, but really it’s essential for longevity and health.  There is a wealth of resources here which will hopefully help frame a healthy balance. 

Sharing Jesus with your Life


Most of us live in places where knowing Jesus, not to mention what can be seen as secretive “Christian” language, is not a given. In these places, traditional ways of sharing our faith can be met with opposition and even a sharp contempt.  This article give some great reminders to us of how to share Jesus in a real and life transforming way.