Making Your Church Welcoming to the Uns

It can be extremely intimidating to attend a new church, especially when one is not used to church to start. The Unchurched are people we desperately want to include in our faith communities, but what do we have to do to maximize the opportunity to engage this growing population of people? 

Here’s an article that speaks to a few intentional ways to invite, include, and invest in the unchurched population of our communities.


Reading Scripture with Immigrants


 “Keep Listening, Never Stop Listening”  This is point number 3 in this article that shares the story of reading scripture with a population possibility very different than your own. What a joy and a privilege it can be to open up the bread of life with persons different from ourselves! Perhaps we can use those opportunities to learn about how God is moving and breathing into that person’s life. 

Check out this article to hear more of the story. 

7 Ways to Support Your Pastor


I remember at 3WLN #1 I had a few conversations with others about what it looks like to support our pastors, even if we might not fully agree with them. Here is a helpful article that gives 7 practical tips for supporting our pastors on a Sunday morning. These tips can go a long way toward building a relationship that can be mutually beneficial. This is also a good article to share with your church community, as they ask how to be helpful to you.