The Importance of Asking Questions


Many times as leaders, it’s easy to get caught up in what we have to say rather than listening to the point of view of others. This resource article is a reminder of why question asking it important and how to craft better questions. When’s the last time you were the one asking all the questions? 


Speaking of asking questions...  Have you answered our questions about 3WLN?  Take just a few minutes and complete that here:

A Youth Leader’s Open Letter


This resource article is a letter of sorts to the broader church. Written by a youth leader, this resource is a plea for the church as a whole to engage.  He writes “Youth Ministry is a Church wide ministry, not a separate entity.”  

I hope you’ll check out this resource and ask how your youth ministry could engage with the broader church.


An Open Posture


Many of us across our region live in communities influenced by Post-Christian attitude and thought. This resource article about evangelism is helpful, especially to those of us who grew up with a more traditional Christian set of influence. Don’t miss here the important posture of openness and being relationally focused. I think Jesus modeled these attitudes well, even in His pre-Christian context.


3WLN 3.0 Resources

Also, if you have a Facebook Account make sure you join the 3W Leaders Network group.

Also, if you have a Facebook Account make sure you join the 3W Leaders Network group.


On this first 3WLN resource post after our event in Switzerland, we wanted to be sure you saw the resource table. Below are links to some free resources and some book recommendations for you. 









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Book Recommendations: 


Books by Richard Tiplady:


Books by Patrick Nachtigall: