Leadership Development

The Necessity of Un-Learning


Sometimes to become the best leader you can be it is essential to unlearn. Often times we think growing as a leader simply means to learn and digest more and more. One of the hardest parts of the life of healthy growing leaders is to unlearn the habits and practices that have taken root in our ministries. I can’t help but think of the verses from John 15 that talks about how the Gardener prunes the vines to help them be more healthy. Perhaps Unlearning some things is a way for the Lord to prune us this season. 

This article speaks of 5 essential things we must unlearn in order to grow and be healthy leaders in a church setting in 2018. 


Developing Leaders


These principles on leadership development go hand in hand with developing leaders in the church. 

Even if your just skimming, be sure to check out the bold paragraph headings. Consider asking how these ideas could be beneficial to developing leaders in your community.



7 Ways to Support Your Pastor


I remember at 3WLN #1 I had a few conversations with others about what it looks like to support our pastors, even if we might not fully agree with them. Here is a helpful article that gives 7 practical tips for supporting our pastors on a Sunday morning. These tips can go a long way toward building a relationship that can be mutually beneficial. This is also a good article to share with your church community, as they ask how to be helpful to you.


Celebrate Good Times


Come on, it‘s really easy to get so focused on the needs of our communities and churches that we forget to celebrate the wins in our communities and churches. This article speaks to the importance of celebrating our wins and how the product of taking that time can be unity, momentum behind church leadership, and even more reasons to celebrate.

May we be people who celebrate together what God has done and is doing in our midst.  


Journeying with our Leaders


Many churches find themselves with leadership gaps because they are not intentionally walking with and developing the leaders that they currently have. This article specifically talks about developing worship leaders into servant leaders, but it’s principles have value in many other leadership areas.   

In what ways do you walk with and develop new and current leaders?