An Open Posture


Many of us across our region live in communities influenced by Post-Christian attitude and thought. This resource article about evangelism is helpful, especially to those of us who grew up with a more traditional Christian set of influence. Don’t miss here the important posture of openness and being relationally focused. I think Jesus modeled these attitudes well, even in His pre-Christian context.


Coming to Faith through the Arts


In a post-Christian society where the Gospel story has stopped being the central life giving story, the church must find ways to engage their communities toward a life of faith. This article outlines how focusing on the Arts can be a particularly dynamic catalyst in drawing people into their own story of faith.

Post-Christendom Research - USA

While the United States remains shaped by Christianity, the faith’s influence—particularly as a force in American politics and culture—is slowly waning. An increasing number of religiously unaffiliated, a steady drop in church attendance, the recent Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, and the growing tension over religious freedoms all point to a larger secularizing trend sweeping across the nation.