Craft event

What if... a Proposal of Art...

I've been to some fantastic farmers markets already this summer and the really good ones always have fresh produce, live music, clear signage, and really good art pieces. This experience got me thinking about how churches have a potential to host artists from the community. Maybe put in a little different terms, I wonder what would happen if we as the church took a major role in supporting and affirming the creative energies and passions of local artists for the building and good of our communities?


Perhaps this idea could take root by first inviting artists out of your very own congregations to display their art in your buildings, to create art pieces based on your current teaching series, to display art at your next community meal, to invite children to do chalk art on your sidewalks near your church or possibly even to host a community art event in your space. Who knows what the result of this type of investment in our communities could be? I do believe that when we call forth the beauty and God given creativity in the people around us the grace of God is often revealed. 

To get your own creativity going... Here's a link to a guide on organizing an art and craft event: