Pastoral Care

Losing Volunteers

Hopefully losing volunteers isn’t something you have to face regularly. If you find your ministry in this position, perhaps this article could shine some light on some of the reasons why. Better yet, this article might help you invest in your leaders in a way that cultivates their serving potential and encourages long term commitment.

How do you remind your volunteers about the why of their service? 


The Importance of Asking Questions


Many times as leaders, it’s easy to get caught up in what we have to say rather than listening to the point of view of others. This resource article is a reminder of why question asking it important and how to craft better questions. When’s the last time you were the one asking all the questions? 


Speaking of asking questions...  Have you answered our questions about 3WLN?  Take just a few minutes and complete that here:

Celebrate Good Times


Come on, it‘s really easy to get so focused on the needs of our communities and churches that we forget to celebrate the wins in our communities and churches. This article speaks to the importance of celebrating our wins and how the product of taking that time can be unity, momentum behind church leadership, and even more reasons to celebrate.

May we be people who celebrate together what God has done and is doing in our midst.