Training New Volunteers and Keeping Connected to the Existing Ones

I’m not sure what this looks like for you, but I found it challenging to keep my volunteers all on the same page all the time.  Often times I would wonder if the system we had in place was really working at all. This article does a great job of expressing some of the difficulties involved in training and keeping ministry volunteers, while also offering some suggestions on the best practices.  

I hope it will help us keep healthy ministry teams around us, because doing it alone just isn’t a viable option long term. 


Don't Forget the Person Running the Sound

It takes a whole team of people working together to maintain an atmosphere of less distractions as people are connecting together through worship. The article below speaks to the importance of the person running the sound and how they need to put forward intentionality and preparation as much as the worship leader in front of the people. Perhaps one of the most striking points is that the person on the sound board should be committed to being a participant in worship and prayer, not just a facilitator.

Effective Teamwork

Part of the amazing team of Mittarbeiter that worked to carry out Teenfreitzeit 2016. 

As a leader in a church, you've probably realized by now that you just aren't able to do everything that needs to be done in your church by yourself. In fact, hopefully you've also realized that there are people in your faith community who are better equipped than you to lead and carry out certain parts of your church's activity and life. Effective and cohesive teamwork is vital in the life of the church if we are going to be the hands of feet of Jesus. It is our job as leaders to invest in the lives of our teammates and build healthy teams. 

A fantastic resource in dealing with teamwork comes from Author and Speaker Patrick Lencioni. Here is a quick video from him on teamwork:

He talks about the "Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team" being Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. To learn more about these behaviors further and the work of Patrick Lencioni and the Wiley Workplace check out

What about your experience with Teams? What works? What doesn't?