Worship Leader Resources


Here is a website that is full of free resources for worship leaders. Specifically there are a lot of free themed images, backgrounds, video loops, and even seasonal promo packages. Even if none of these free downloads are beneficial, possibly they will help you think creatively about whatever images you are creating this season. 



The Difference Between an Artist and a Worship Leader

Pursuing our gifting and living in to that giving is important on our journey of life and faith. No matter what that gifting might be, there is always a balance to be found. This article speaks to the balance between being an artist and being a worship leader.  


As you explore your gifting, what do you have to balance?


Fighting the Myths of Leading Worship in Smaller Churches


Let’s face it, most of the people and groups that influence how we lead worship look very different than ours. It’s easy for us to think that worship only looks like this or only looks like that.  This article works through three of the myths that leaders of smaller churches might deal with when leading worship.  



Using Video in Church


Do you use visuals or video in your church?  

Have you every thought about the different learning styles of your people? 

What about bumping up the quality of the video you might be using? 

This article talks to the „why should we be using video“ question, while also giving links to other video resources and how to videos.