Worship Preparation

Using Video in Church


Do you use visuals or video in your church?  

Have you every thought about the different learning styles of your people? 

What about bumping up the quality of the video you might be using? 

This article talks to the „why should we be using video“ question, while also giving links to other video resources and how to videos.  


Multiple Ways to Prepare for Worship


What steps do you take as someone coming into worship or someone leading worship? This article says there are many steps along the way and after that contribute to the whole worship experience for us as individuals and our communities.   


Hopefully this article enables you to think creatively about your own preparation for worship times. 

Worship Preparation for the Christmas Season


Again we find ourselves in the idea generating mode as we present this article. Perhaps one of these ideas might create a memorable moment for life change while pointing to Jesus. We’d love to hear what you’ve got planned for the Christmas season!

Peace with you.