Community First Youth Ministry

"At the end of the day, I simply believe it’s high time for many of us to stop operating like the best first step to the faith is coming to a church service."  -from the article linked below

As I've looked back on the students who seemed to be impacted the most by the Gospel message of Jesus, I've been particularly surprised at how many of those didn't come to a church service for years.  The below article is a good reminder that perhaps we need to encourage our youth ministries to get outside the walls of the church to BE the church.

Churches Involvement in Justice Issues

Perhaps if we, as churches, got involved in Justice Issues on a local level it would be an opportunity to practically share the boundless love and amazing grace to all our neighbors. What are the needs in your specific community? Should the Church even care? Or maybe a better first question is something like: "If tomorrow your church simply did not exist anymore, would it be missed in your community?" 

Below is a link to an article that mentions some practical ways that we might engage in the justice issues represented in our communities.