Preparing for Easter Weekend


Holiday weekends like Easter, Christmas, and Mother’s Day usually mean exposure of our communities to a broader audience. With Easter coming closer and Spring just around the corner, now is the time to make sure some of those last minute details are in order to be a place of hospitality and welcome. Here’s an article that gives some ideas on how to prepare this season.  


What kind of prep are you making this season? 


Encouraging People to Sing


I’ve only led worship a few times, but every time I came away thinking... how do we include more persons in the worship experience? This article tackles this question from a few angles including a scientific study. If you’re involved in worship leading or preparation, I’d recommend checking out this article for some ideas.  


How do you encourage more participation in singing? 

Growing Creativity

I believe that we serve a God who is very creative. I also believe that the image of God is in each one of us. Does it not serve us well then to encourage the creativity in ourselves and among our people? I even wonder if cultivating creativity in this way is a way to return worship to God. 

Here's an article that shares 7 ways to encourage creativity in your church.  


Don't Forget the Person Running the Sound

It takes a whole team of people working together to maintain an atmosphere of less distractions as people are connecting together through worship. The article below speaks to the importance of the person running the sound and how they need to put forward intentionality and preparation as much as the worship leader in front of the people. Perhaps one of the most striking points is that the person on the sound board should be committed to being a participant in worship and prayer, not just a facilitator.