Discipleship in Difficult

Encouraging a Discipleship Culture


Here’s a short article that helps us focus on creating a culture of discipleship in our communities.  Possibly the best tip: “Be the culture that you want to see” 


How or who are you intentionally discipling? Are you encouraging them to also disciple others? 

The Core of Discipleship


How would you define discipleship? Do you have a specific set of practices that help you fulfill this portion of the great commission? Here’s an article that tries to bring some focus to the idea of discipleship.  What is it and what it isn’t.  

Any thoughts? 


Adoption as a model of Discipleship


“The traditional model of discipleship as behavior modification must be replaced with a model of spiritual formation. Spiritual formation is by it's very nature relational and implies process...” 

This article seems to be just the beginning of a larger conversation about Discipleship in a Post Christian Context. I think the analagies given help us imagine new ideas and processes we might imploy to help others grow deeper in their own Jesus Lifestyle.


Any Thoughts? Does this fit your ministry context?

Sharing Jesus with your Life


Most of us live in places where knowing Jesus, not to mention what can be seen as secretive “Christian” language, is not a given. In these places, traditional ways of sharing our faith can be met with opposition and even a sharp contempt.  This article give some great reminders to us of how to share Jesus in a real and life transforming way.