Created after a six continent journey across the Church of God, Three Worlds is a team of teachers, mentors, consultants and strategists supporting churches in 16 countries throughout Europe & the Middle East.

Our name is meant to capture the increasingly complicated nature of Christianity in the 21st Century and our team is equipped to help churches navigate this new complex environment.  

Christianity is entering its post-Christendom phase.  Throughout the world, the Traditional church—influenced heavily by Western Christian theology, tradition, and institutionalism (Christendom)—is in decline.  In most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and increasingly much of the United States, Christianity is in steep decline and many churches that are growing are taking a post-modern, post-Christendom posture in order to engage their secular societies.  In the Non-Western world, however, Christianity is spreading at a very fast rate among people that are hearing the Gospel for the first time. The faith is being transmitted by non-Western Christians that are not deeply steeped in Western Christian thought.  The result of all of this is the emergence of Three Worlds of Christianity—all of them processing the faith very differently.