Patrick's New Book Released

Patrick's third book Mosaic: A Journey Across the Church of God was released in June.

Does a reformation movement born in the nineteenth century still have a future?  Beginning at the cemetery where his great-grandfather is buried, Patrick Nachtigall sets out on a journey to see how the Church of God is facing six critical challenges.  From a megachurch in the flatlands of the Midwest, to an isolated churchin Siberia, to the Philippines where pastors deal with Pentecostal movements, to the Middle East where a former Al-Qaeda member comes to Christ, Patrick treks to six different continents to talk with Church of God people.  He seeks to understand the realities that we face in the twenty-first century.

Here is a picture of a very diverse movement where some congregations exist in a traditional Christendom world, others in a post-Christendom world, and yet others in a pre-Christendom Book of Acts world.  Patrick finds that we are a movement filled with holiness but desperately lacking unity.  So our future is an open question.

Mosaic is for anyone who wants to understand the macro trends that affect not only the Church of God, but the entire Christian church worldwide.  Visit the Mosaic website, purchase the book and post your opinion.