RED, GREEN, and BLUE: What Does it Mean?

Our Three Worlds Logo

The Three Worlds we refer to are the worlds of Traditional Christianity, Post-Christendom Christianity, and Non-Western Christianity.  In the Three Worlds of our region (Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East), all three Christian worlds are present.

Above the "W" are three globes, each one facing Europe and the Middle East--the different colors representing the different cultures and races of the world.  If you look closely at the "W", you can see that the three worlds are the heads of 3 people--which represents the Trinity.


Our ministry efforts are divided into three colors to represent the different facets of our work:

RED: The Persecuted Church and Evangelism

GREEN: The Environment and Health

BLUE: Education, Discipleship, and Business.

We hope to touch the world for Christ with endeavors in all these different areas.  Perhaps your gifts for ministry are red, green, or blue?  Let us know.

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