Get To Know Our New Three Worlds Home

Hello everybody!  Here we are in our new web-home  We hope that you are a frequent visitor to our website and especially this diary.  You are currently in the diary section.  The home page is:  Check out our lovely front page.  This diary is a bit different than the other one so here's a helpful links page that fills you in on our content at this new website:

1) Learn about what the Three Worlds are here.

2) Get to know our 3W team here.

3) Learn about the "Gateway Berlin Radio" podcast which is coming soon here.

4) Order my new book "Mosaic" here (or die).

5) Learn about our Three World logo and about our ministry types (Red, Green, and Blue) here.

6) Ministry opportunities and internships will be posted here in the future.

7) And check out "Patrick's Photos from Around the World" here.