Photos of Hong Kong

Hong Kong where we lived for nearly 10 years.

Our old neighborhood of Shatin. Marco was born here in 2003.

Our first home was only on the 20th floor.

The three of us in front of the church at Hin Keng.

Our home at Royal Ascot, Fo Tan was on the 39th floor.

Going to Ocean Park with the church kids:  Grace, Ling, Louh Ge, Jamie, Marco, Charles B, Barry, Lobby and Little Karen.

Marco's best friend Hin Fung, was born one month before him. Courtesy of John Johnson.

They love each other. (JJ).

Always together. (JJ)

A visit from my lifelong friends Kelley and Scott Stine. (JJ)

The famous star ferry.  The best 40 cent ride in the world. (JJ)

Grace is like a daughter to us.  She took care of Marco a lot.  Her name fits her. (JJ)

One of my favorite pictures. Proud to be with my son (JJ).

A visit from good friend John Johnson.

The only decent photos on the website were taken by John. If it's a nice, clear photo in this section, it was John's.

The HKCOG kids over at our house making edible dirt cake with Jamie.

Marco in his Chinese New Year outfit.

The coolest girls:  A-Sum, Little Karen and Camilla and me in Macao.

Me in HK.

HK at Dusk.  One of my favorite places in the world.

Marco and Auntie Flora.  She was our Cantonese tutor and our dear family friend.

So comfortable with world travel.

Marco and Hin Fung.

Marco and Hin Fung.

The little Santas handing out gifts at church.

At Brazilian soccer camp.

Marco with his Care Group friends, Austin, Eliss, and Taylor.

Pensive in the hills of Shatin.

Marco completed a 3 hour hike up into the hills of Shatin with the church people.  His big sister LoLo held his hand for part of the walk.

Big Karen and Mui-Mui.

Marco grew up on the 39th floor.

Not afraid of heights on our balcony.

Marco the builder.