Photos of South America (Chile, Peru, Bolivia)

Nice homes in Santiago, Chile.

Downtown Santiago.

Barranco in Lima, Peru.  I loved this place.

A house in the lovely Miraflores district.

The Presidential Palace in Lima, I think.

Walking around downtown.

One of the CHOG's in Northern Lima.  What great people.  I was ready to just move there on the spot.

Some of the awesome kids of the Lima youth group.

The beautiful Miraflores district. My Peruvian friend Stefan said it was awesome and he was right.

So interesting to see such dryness in a Latin American metropolis.

A nice street in Lima.

Lima from the air.

La Paz, Bolivia at 13,000 feet above sea level.

Another view. I spent a week here.

It's a city of hills.

A little town on the flat Altiplano at 14,000 feet.

The Bolivian CHOG has their annual junta in this barren, mountainous landscape at 14,000 feet.  The annual Junta draws up to as many as 8,000 people camping out under the stars in what I call "CHOG Woodstock."

Look at all the people.  It's a truly amazing experience.  Too bad I was in crippling, mind-numbing, pain.

Two indigenous Bolivian women.  They are not Latin people.  They are Quechua or some other indigenous people group.

Is that Joan Baez on stage?  Probably not.

Crowds gather to watch the baptism.

A different view of La Paz.

In the very isolated town of Iquique, Northern Chile by the Atacama Desert which is the driest place in the world.  In some places, they have never had rain.

Walking along the shore in Iquique thousands of miles away from home.

Is this the wine country of Northern California?  No, it's the wine country of Southern Chile.

Heading to the Oregon Coast?  No, heading to the cool, gray Chilean Coast.  What great diversity Chile has in its different regions.

The coastal city of Valparaiso felt like coastal Oregon.  The weather too.

One of the most inspiring figures I met on my two year journey writing my third book "Mosaic" was Pastor Martinez in Valparaiso.  This is his church in a tough part of town.

Isla de Maipo in Chile's Central Valley was a gorgeous little town that reminded me of Australia's wine country.  Similar latitude and vegetation.  Very delightful.