Pictures of Germany

The famous cathedral in Cologne.

Walking around Dusseldorf.

Visiting the CHOG in Braunschwheig.


The Reichstag in Berlin.

The Berlin Wall.

Fritzlar, home of the Bible School.

Floating down a river near Essen.

The Essen conference center where I spoke at in 2007.


Munich 2009.

Just outside of Pforzheim in Southern Germany.

At the Berlin Wall in 2007.  My first trip to Berlin was in 1992.  What a huge difference!

One of those blurry photos we are so famous for in this family.  Marco and I checking out Berlin together in 2009. It's art okay?

Marco at Legoland in 2009 when we were checking out Berlin as a place to live.

Berlin, Germany. The tower from where we  broadcast Gateway Berlin Radio.

Three-World Headquarters in Berlin.  My office is on the 2nd floor.

Heading West out of Berlin.  Nice and GREEN!!!!!

It's GREEEEEEN I tell ya!

Marco and I visiting the famous door where Protestant Reformer Martin Luther became famous after being the first personto hand out Halloween Candy to visiting children.  It's a famous door!

Lovely downtown Wittenberg.

Wittenberg 2009.

I look like a loser, but Jamie and Marco look cool.  Marco's preparing for his own album cover on this one.