Pictures of Lebanon

The view from Mediterranean Bible College. The Mediterranean Bible College in Beirut.

Am I driving through Eastern Kentucky or West Virginia?  No, it's Lebanon.

Downtown Beirut is more lovely than you can possibly imagine.  It used to be called the Paris of the Mediterranean.

These ancient ruins are right in the middle of the city.

Heading into the mountains.  It's only 90 minutes to the Northern, Southern, or Eastern borders from Beirut.  It's a small country.

Is this Eastern Washington or Eastern Oregon?  No, it's Lebanon.

Close to the Border with Syria

I love the mountains of Lebanon and the views they offer.

Along the coast.

The lovely shopping area in the ancient Phoenician city Byblos.  My favorite place thus far.

Is this Santa Barbara, California?  No, but it sure feels like it.  Santa Barbara probably has more Lebanese people.  :)

Beirut from a distance.

Too bad someone doesn't know how to work his camera.  These pictures would be awesome.