Pictures of Thailand

Marco's been traveling around the world since he was born.  By the time he was 3 he was an expert traveler.  He was named after Marco Polo--the great traveler who bridged the divide between East and West.

Marco was on his 2nd passport by the time he was 4.

One of the rare decent photos I've ever taken.

Phuket (Kamala) was our home away from home.  This was our family vacation spot.

Marco and an Elephant.

Marco feeding a real elephant.

One of the greatest of all the animals.  The Elephant, I mean.

I love to see the temples in Thailand.

A Theravada Buddhism photo.

The coastline of Phuket on the Andaman Sea.

Marco grew up riding in a lot of Tuk Tuks.

Marco kissed by a monkey in Chiang Mai--Northern Thailand.  A lawsuit is pending.

Marco meets a Giraffe and his tongue.

Bangkok.  Another one of my favorite cities.