Photos from China

Some kids in Guangx Province.


A typical street in China.  Chinese cities tend to look alike. All built in the last 30 years at the speed of sound.

Shaouguan, Guangdong Province.

On the Li River in Guangxi.

Rural Guangxi.

Jade Dragon Mountain in the background.  Lijiang, Yunnan Province.

The more developed side of Lijiang, China.  It was a dream of mine to go to Lijiang.

Some ethnic minority children in Yunnan.

Marco being passed around a Chinese train.  It was always a big deal to see the cute foreign baby.

Marco enduring the cold in Kunming, Yunnan.

Street children in Kunming.

Yunnan has the highest percentage of ethnic minorities.  It was my favorite Province.

The Chinese flag flying over Tianannmen Square.

The Forbidden City, Beijing.

First trip to the Great Wall of China.  An unusually uncrowded winter day.  I went alone.  I had the whole wall to myself and tried to take a picture of me with nothing but the  people-less wall behind me, but I messed up the picture trying to get the tripod set up and took it too late.  A few minutes later a large Korean tour group showed up and messed up the shot.

"It is a wall, and it is great." - Patrick Nachtigall

My favorite Chinese mountain, Jade Dragon in Yunnan Province.

Carrying Marco through old town Lijiang.

Walking with my "adopted son" A-Yat to visit a Leper Colony in rural Guangxi.  It was a long hike and very isolated.

Jiman, A-yat, Grace, and Thomas join me in visiting the Lepers.  Those were great trips.

We passed by beautiful scenery on the walk.

It is still a very poor province, Guangxi.

About midway through the long walk.

Jiman, A-yat and me in Guangxi.

Perched on the very edge of a cliff 2000 feet high, this pagoda offers amazing views of Kunming, Yunnan.

The Stone Forest in Yunnan Province was one of my favorite places in China, because it seemed genuinely clean and green.  Very relaxing.

It is a maze of stone rocks that is fun to get lost in.

Such a beautiful place.

It's always fun when Uncle Alan the China expert comes to visit--especially for Marco.

Despite the crowds, once in the Forest, you can have moments when you are all alone.

Looks like the set of Star Wars or something.

Too bad someone doesn't really know how to operate his camera.

"Neon, futuristic Shanghai" doesn't impress me nearly as much as Tokyo.

Marco on the fastest train in the world which goes from Shanghai's Pudong airport to downtown in about 9 minutes at more than 300 mph.  Nice photography skills Patrick.

Downtown Shanghai.

Floating down a canal in Zhenjiang.

She's singing to us as we go down the canal.

The rare family photo because we all loathe having our picture taken.

More Zhenjiang.

Giving a lecture to students at a Chinese University on "the Role Religion Plays in American Civil Society."  That was a dream come true.