Photos of Africa

Downtown Nairobi. I absolutely love Nairobi.  I spent a week here getting to know it.

The flat dry land outside of Nairobi.

Visiting a dynamic church outside of Nairobi.  Best worship band ever---it was like Kool & the Gang.  Best bass line in a church service---ever!

It's hot under the tin roof, but the music makes you forget all that.

The hills outside of Kisumu.

The road to the Kima International School of Theology.

It's a beautiful campus.

I love contextualized Gospel art like this.

I got to teach these students for a class session.  That was very enjoyable.  I hope to get that chance again.

On the road toward Uganda with my good buddy John Walters.

A CHOG in rural Uganda.


Crossing the Nile in Southern Uganda.

Beats the roads we had in Costa Rica through much of the 70's and 80's.  Perhaps 90's :)

Entering into Kampala, Uganda.

Speaking to some Ugandan students about my adoption story.

Some children in one of the schools the Stevenson's built.

Lake Victoria at my back.

What a cutie!

The road to Emusire where my father was the Principal of a Secondary School which is still running today and doing very well.

Arriving at the school where Mom and Dad worked.

Retracing my Father's steps.  That's what sons do.

My dad is listed as the 2nd Principal

A photo of my Father remains on the wall.  He was the Principal that transitioned the school to local African leadership.

This is the home where my dad Harry, my mother Jene, and my sister Marcel lived.

My friend Logan looking like a real photographer.

Lake Victoria.

The Church of God in Lusaka, Zambia.

A  CHOG in Lusaka.

Taking the bus from Lusaka to Livingstone was fun.

Rural Zambia.

Victoria Falls near the border with Zimbabwe.

Check out how small that canoe is.  Victoria Falls is enormous.

Me canoeing....not really.

An elephant staring our jeep down.

The missionary Stan Hoffman.

Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jo'berg, South Africa from the air.