Photos of Australia

Two Koalas on display.

Marco holding a butterfly in Sydney in 2007.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Downtown Sydney.

The bridge on a sunny day.

The Taronga Zoo is my favorite zoo, and these views are one of the reason.

My favorite animal--the Kangaroo.

I adore Sydney.  I'd love to live there one day.  So would Marco.

Marco looking cute.

Me and my little HK Koala.

Only in super sunny Australia do my pictures look decent...sometimes.  This is in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

Blue Mountains.

The Three Sisters.

Amazing views.

Jamie and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary with a 2nd trip to Australia together.  Here we are in Hunter Valley part of Australia's wine country.

We spent a wonderful time staying in Port Stephens on the New South Wales Coast.

One of my favorite photos of Marco.  We were at an Australian animal farm.

Beautiful wildlife in Port Stephens.

Port Stephens.

This was the most relaxing trip in about 5 years.

We went looking for Whales.

Another one of my favorite Marco photos---eating Bubble Gum ice cream in Port Stephens.

Marco playing Bob the Builder in Sydney.

Marco feeds a Kangaroo.

Brisbane, Queensland.

Suburban homes in Gold Coast.

The fast growing skyline of Australia's Gold Coast.

Me with the Pacific at my back on the East Coast of Australia.  A few weeks earlier I had been at the West Coast of Chile across the Ocean.

A third trip to Australia in 2009.

The Famous Sydney Opera House.

Thank you Australia.