The Search Continues...

Well, I hope you enjoyed the "latest" episode of Gateway Berlin Radio.  The 2nd episode is already in the can, but it won't be posted for a couple of weeks yet.  Sound quality should be better on Episode 2.

The weather finally cooled for a bit here in Berlin.  It dropped to 71 degrees from the high 90's where it has been since we arrived.  What joy, what bliss to feel my favorite weather---cloudy, cool, with the threat of rain.  Marco's from Hong Kong so he prefers the heat.

Meanwhile, we are still busy looking for our new house or apartment.  We've seen a lot of places.  We lost one that we all really loved.  Oh well.  Now we've found another that we all really like and are officially applying for it.  I don't know if we'll get it or not.  We're prepared for whatever happens.  There's another that's come online that looks interesting.

It's going to take a while to really set up home here.  My guess is that it won't be until October that wherever we live will be truly settled and feel like home.  But that's okay.  We are wayfarin' strangers.   So that's fine.

Marco sure has been patient with all the upheaval.  He's doing great.

Tomorrow we take a train ride to Braunschweig where we meet up with some friends.  This will be my third time there.  I really like the church there and the pastor.  We will have lunch and then head off to the youth camp.  We'll see the Philips and Jael and the rest of the team at the camp.  It's "visitors" day so that's why we are getting to go.

I know a lot of these kids and the youth counselors from previous trips to Germany.  I think it was last year that I was the main speaker at the youth conference.  That was very fun.  The German kids were just a total blast.  So it will be nice to reconnect with them.  And there's quite a few Spanish speakers among them, the pastors, and the youth workers.  It's fun to be able to finally use my Spanish again since that rarely happened in Asia.  Here it is becoming quite common and that makes me happy.

We'll take some of our usual blurry photos of the youth camp and maybe score some interviews.  Keep us in your thoughts as we look for the right home.