German CHOG Teen Camp-Photos by Marco

A group of teens by the bonfire as the sun gets ready to go down at 9PM.

The blue tent where services are held.

Getting ready to sing a song.

Finally---a nice blurry photo.  He takes after his Dad.

We went to visit the German Teen Camp last Sunday.  It was an easy 1 hour 20 minute ride to Braunschweig where we were met by Pastor Victor and his wife Ute.  He is German, but from Argentina (lots of German immigrants to Argentina), so the bulk of the day was spent speaking in Spanish. I have loved that about Germany.  This language I never get to speak is suddenly everywhere.  Victor and Ute are absolutely wonderful and I always feel very at home at their place.

After lunch we drove by the camp for 9-12 year olds.  It was out in the German woods, but the whole thing was built to look like an old Western town, complete with saloon and jail and all of that.  It was so cute.  The kids and counselors are camping out in the Wild Wild West.

From there we went to the Teen Camp where I got to re-connect with a lot of the teens, college kids, and seminary students I have become friends with over the past 4 years in Germany.  They still remember all the stories I told when I have spoken to them on previous visits.  It's amazing.  I'll see many of these kids in September and October when I attend some upcoming conferences.  That will be great.  We've invited them all to stay with us in Berlin anytime they want.  Our home will be very open to youth.

Marco had a blast playing with the kids---getting soaked---and enjoying nature.  He was pretty sad to have to leave the camp behind.  I think he is very ready to be settled and have friends to play with.  Poor guy.  Always stuck with Mom and Dad.

The drive out to the camp was lovely.  The roads in the country were so gorgeous---the classic European scenery.  I was salivating at the thought of being able to drive up and down the roads of Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria in the coming year.  That will be awesome.

Jael--our Berlin intern for the summer of 2010 has been helping at the camp and did an awesome job.  Everyone loved her.  Unfortunately, today is her last day.  We will be taking her out for a farewell dinner about an hour from now.  I know she is very sad to say goodbye to this awesome place with all the great people--and we are sad to see her go as well.  It won't be the same without her.  Oh well---Jael, you are always welcome back.