So Long Jael!

On Thursday it was time to say "goodbye" to our Gateway Berlin Intern Jael Tang.  For those of you that listened to the Gateway Berlin Radio podcast, you got to hear from Jael as she helped co-host the show.  Jael was here for nearly 3 months and traveled all around Germany learning about the different kinds of churches and ministries that exist in the Church of God here.  I know she absolutely fell in love with this place---it's kind of hard not to.  She was sad to go and we were sad to see her go.

She did a fantastic job of integrating into the culture.  Coming from a place like Singapore, you kind of have to learn to navigate different cultures----something we explore in the upcoming Episode 2 of GB Radio.  She had a great spirit about being involved and was willing to help out anyone.

She's also a cheeky one----a little smart aleck---so she fit in real well with this Three-Worlds/Berlin team.

Jael was also a good jeh-jeh (big sister) to Marco while she was here and he was sad to see her go.  Jael will go back to the Anderson University School of Theology and finish her Master's degree.  Of course she is welcome here anytime.

Thanks for setting the bar so high for future interns Jael!