Our New Home from Above

Yesterday we signed on a new home.  It's in the Berlin suburb of Nikolasee.  It's a gorgeous area, full of green areas, parks, lakes and lots of lovely things to remind you that nature is all around.  All three of us love it.  If you look at the picture above, our home is where the yellow tack is located.  Just above that is a green "S" which is the train station and the location of the town's cute downtown center.  It looks like a college campus.  Although it looks far on this google photo, the distance from our home to that train station/center of town is a 3 minute walk.

To the left of the photo is a picture of  the large lake Wansee that even has beaches.  That is about a 10 to 15 minute walk and the Nikolasee lake is just 5 minutes past the "S" in the center of the town square.  Just to the right of the yellow thumb tack is a large park which you can see if you look closely.  So on our bicycles we are about 5 minutes away from two large lakes and a park.

After living for the past decade in a place with 35,000 neighbora and not even insects to go collecting with Marco, we are feeling pretty happy to have nature in our lives again.  Psychologically and physically it's a very important thing---and spiritually also.

Care for a boat ride on the small lake by our house?  It's only 9 Euro for 4 people.

More photos of the small lake by our house.  It would have been even prettier from the other side and with a decent photographer.

Here's where Jamie and I can take walks everyday if we want.  Does someone want to come over and baby sit Marco?  We'll miss Grace, Lolo and Louh Ge not watching Marco.  Well school starts soon so...