The Return of "the Talker."

A photo of our new home in Berlin, Germany. There are 4 families in this building and we're on the second floor.

Some of you that know Marco, know that he is a talker.  If you've only seen the shy Marco, then you haven't spent enough time around him.  The other day Marco and I were running some errands the other day.  We had a lot of things to do and, as usual, Marco had a lot of things to say.  He talked and talked and talked.  In fact, he talked for 100 minutes straight without stopping.  I mean, there was barely a pause for breath the entire time.  It was amazing.  Sometimes I listened, at other times I observed as an outsider and was just kind of amazed, at other times I tuned out, and at other times I was laughing.  It was 100 minutes non-stop.

At one point he stopped and said, "wow, this mouth of mine doesn't stop."  But then he was immediately back into it.  Topics covered were Star Wars, of course, famous monsters, what his monster movie "the Return of the Creature of the Pacific Ocean" will be like, how the  make-up will be applied, and the differences between the Asian school system and the Western school system.

I love my boy.