Busy as a Bee

Our days are spent running around setting up shop.  Going to the electric company one day, continuing our futile attempt to get cell phones another day, setting up furniture, looking at cars, sorting through school papers, trying to get our shipment through customs, registering as residents of Germany and walking like crazy.  It goes on and on like this for now.  Each day we know the city a little bit better and my feet get more and more sore.  But nearly everyday it has been sunny and about 75 degrees for the past 6 weeks.  Perfect right?

NO!!!  You all know I hate the sun.  I like clouds, grey, and gloom.  I am assured that this will be the average day in Berlin once September arrives.  Good.

But there's another reason that I am looking forward to a killer German winter:  Bees.  They are everywhere in this city.  Is it because Berlin is such a green place--full of parks and these obnoxious things called flowers? Is that why?

I don't know, but a week ago Monday, we were walking by the lake with Rod Stafford when I was VIOLENTLY ASSAULTED by a BEE!   The bee relentlessly attacked me and stung me near my elbow.

We've seen so many bees (kind of new to Marco who has been living in a nature free one for 10 years), that I have been sharing with Marco the story of the only time I was stung by a bee.  It was in 7th grade when I had no confidence and was an ALL-TIME LOSER DORK.  I was getting on the bus and a bee buzzed my neck.  I LOATHE insects so I swatted at him and he stung me in the neck.

I was so stunned.  I had never been stung before and it really hurt when I was 11 years old.  So, I put my sky blue jacket (you never forget these things) on my neck and wanted to cry. I got on the school bus and some kid said:  "Hey look, he got stung by a bee."  And everyone laughed and the bus driver said, "Are you okay" which only embarassed me further.

It was the longest bus ride of my life.  I remember getting off the bus and running home to my mom.  She could tell I was traumatized and humiliated and poured on the love.  I can still remember how good it felt to have my mom there for me when I came home.  Yeah, I know..what a wimpy loser.  There's a reason I had no friends in 7th grade.

Well, I've been telling Marco this story to prepare him for the day in Germany when he gets his first bee sting (seriously, there's so many flying around it's only a matter of time).  Well, sure enough...the bees don't go for Marco, but they VIOLENTLY, ATTACKED ME IN A VICIOUS MANNER LEAVING ME SCARRED AND WOUNDED AGAIN!

The sting hurt for 2 days, but it didn't stop itching until a week later.  Nature is overrated.

But seriously, I can't believe the amount of bees (and insects) here. I thought it would be more like Oregon where you just don't see the bugs that often.  But here, they are everywhere. Yesterday I was having lunch with some guy in the absolute center of Berlin---the heart of the concrete jungle---and we were being harassed by bees.

I know we need bees for nature, and pollination, and stupid stuff like that--but I hope they all die.  Vicious creatures!