We Had a Party for Aaron and Nicole

Photo: the Newlyweds get harassed.  Below: Aaron and Nicole are "Baby Warner" with Nicole doing the feet and hands and Aaron as the face.

Photo: Marco and Renee think it's pretty funny to watch Uncle Aaron be publicly humiliated.

Photo: I am not amused by the immaturity.

That's right, we had a party for Aaron and Nicole this weekend.  A lot of people from around Berlin came to celebrate their marriage.  Kelley and Rhonda Philips did a great job of hosting a wonderful evening.  There were people from France, Chile, Japan, Germany, USA, Czech Republic, and other places.  It was quite the international gathering.

It was pretty neat to meet a Japanese-American jazz musician (currently playing with Christopher Cross) whose father lives in Costa Rica (just like mine).  His wife from Tokyo spent time teaching in Costa Rica and loved it.

Nicole is settling in real well and we're happy to have her on the team.  She is super sharp.

Well, I must go---we have guests that just arrived to stay with us.