Critique of "New Evangelicals"

Here at Three Worlds we are trying to get our heads around the shifts taking place in Christianity.  Yesterday I posted a video of some American Evangelicals of the younger generation talking about how the American church (in that generation in particular) is changing. 

From the video, it sounds like there is an effort to make sure that the church is existing outside its four walls (in a visible manner to the secular world)--and amidst that, there is an effort to re-brand Evangelicalism to some extent--with the sense that Evangelicalism is now believed to be intolerant, bigoted, and overly-political.

I asked a reader of to critique this video.  Interestingly, this reader is not much older than the people speaking lest you think that it's someone in their 70's writing in:


The underlying assumption of this video is that in order to live Christianly in the modern world, modern Evangelicals must throw our forefathers under the bus, that we must stand and point an accusing finger at those who have nurtured us in the faith.
The book mentioned in the video "UnChristian" is premised on the notion that Christian can improve their image by surveying unbelievers about what they don't like about Christians and then changing into something they like more. A dubious premise at best.
Yet, it is very much this line of thinking that these people are pursuing. 
What irked me most about the video is the speaker who said the previous generation of evangelicals did something (voted) once every four years but otherwise didn't raise a finger to help their neighbors. On one hand, these people like to come off as if their only focus is love and sweetness, but underneath they are happy to do damage to the lives and reputations of those they deem uncool.
The fact is that in the last generation Evangelicals have produced much compassionate ministry around the world. They have done more than lift a finger to help their neighbors. They have moved mountains. 
Yet, in a desperate attempt to please the liberal cultural elite, this guy lies about the record of evangelicals.