Newsletter Changes: E-mail Only

For those of you that have signed up to get our newsletter, we hope you enjoyed the last one.  You should have received our first edition of Three Worlds Journal about a week ago.  This replaced our old Chinatimes Newsletter which some of you have been receiving for 10 years. 

We started our newsletter back during a time when many people were still not connected to the internet (especially older supporters) and people still expected most things coming to the them through the mail.  So while we were in Hong Kong, we had quite a few supporters that still asked to receive hard copy versions of our newsletter.

Now we live in Germany and due to the very high postage rates, we are going to ask that everyone switch to the email version of Three Worlds Journal.  The email version is longer, better, and more beautiful.  So it's a switch we hope you will want to make. 

In Hong Kong, we were able to mail international letters at a rate cheaper than what it costs to send mail from one place in the USA to another place in the USA.  It is under .40 US cents per letter.  The cost here in Germany per letter is $2.31 US.  Quite a difference.  Since we send out over 400 each time, that's a bit of a problem.  Consequently, we can't afford to keep sending the newsletter by regular mail (and let's save some trees--yoohoo!).

So if you are receiving the paper form of the newsletter but are ready to switch, send us an email and let us know. 

For churches, they will still receive a hard copy as they often post these on the walls or in places where people can read them.  Those come directly from the offices in the U.S. 

A new edition of Three Worlds Journal will be out very soon.  Look for it in your in-box.