A New Church is Born: In Russia

Marco and Andrei on a very cold day at the Chelaybinsk zoo in Siberia. 

Congratulations to the Church of God in Chelaybink, Russia. This Sunday 10-10-10, they planted a new church in the Lenin district of the city.  The church is led by our great friend Pastor Andrei who reports that there were over 100 people and the place was packed.

A few years ago Jamie, Marco and I went to the Chelyabinsk church, and the church made it into my latest book Mosaic.  So if you want to read more about the challenging situation of trying to be a Protestant church in Russia today, check out the book and hear about the experience in Andrei's own words.

In March, the Philips and I will be going to Chelyabinsk for some key meetings and will be also getting our first look at the new work.  I included the Chelyabinsk church in Mosaic because it was an example of a very geographically isolated church (something that is common in the Church of God), but one that pro-actively and intentionally reaches out to make connections with the Church of God beyond Russia's borders.  Their efforts are impressive.  Now they are reaching into a new part of their own city.