Remembering Cindy

We received word today from our friend Alan in Taiwan that his wife Cindy Lwo died of cancer this morning at 4:20 am Taipei time.  Cindy had been struggling against cancer for the past couple of years and put up a valient battle.  Cindy was a collegue and a great friend.  She was also a great mother and a wonderful support to her husband Alan as we joined together to try to do work in East Asia.  She was very committed in her support to Alan and was even willing to uproot her life in these coming years to do ministry on a larger scale with her husband.  But then she got sick. The last time I was in Tapei, I visited their home.  Cindy was in between battles of chemotherapy and we were hoping that the worst had passed.  As I visited with them I started to feel nauseous for some reason and I felt really nauseous.  Even though she was the one that was really sick and week, Cindy had me lie down and gave me an interesting Chinese massage with hot glasses.  It took the sickness away immediately.  After that, I started calling her "Taipei Mother."  That is my final memory of her.  She was just so sweet.  And so ready to sacrifice.  

 This must be so difficult for the whole family.  She was a beautiful woman. 

We won't forget her and all that she did for the Kingdom.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.