Home is Where the Heart is

Marco and I are so glad Jamie's home.  We missed her a lot.  I told her that this place we live in becomes a house when she is gone.  When she's here, it's a home.

Aside from starving to death and having my cooking rejected by my own son, it was an okay week.  Marcorefused to eat my food.  I heated chicken nuggets in the oven (it took all of my concentration) and he said, "No way if this is your first time. I'll take a peanut butter and jelly sandwich."

Well, I got the cooking bug.  I now know how to make tea and put something in the oven.  It's possible I may try heating up a frozen pizza in the next month---ON MY OWN!

We did have a great time with Uncle Dave----that would be missionary to Bulgaria Dave Simpson.  I'm looking forward to going there to see the work that they do sometime in the Spring if all works out.  It is a tough, tough country to operate in, but they do it with such enthusiasm, grace, and fun.  All of us on the 3W crew are huge admirers of the Simpsons who bring a wonderful spirit to this very awesome crew here in Europe/ME.

Jamie for her part had a great time with the 3W gals.  They worked very long, hard hours organizing a conference, but they had a wonderful time together.  Everyone brings their own special gifts and there's just a great deal of team unity on our 3W crew.  Frankly, this is unusual, and it's something that has to be protected.  Which we do.  Expectations of unity are high--and they have to be.

Well, tomorrow I'm off to Paris for 4 days.  I'll be visiting with the church in Paris, attending a seminar they are putting on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and then speaking on Sunday before taking my low-cost carrier back to Berlin.  Yes, it does mean saying goodbye to Jamie again.  I don't like that, but at least I know we are all eating, sleeping, and bathing regularly which is more than I can say for those times when I am running the house.  On Monday night, we seriously considered eating road kill.

The real reason I'm glad Jamie is home is not because of her cooking, but because she is my best friend, the person that fascinates me the most in the whole world, and I LOVE spending time with her.  I still like dating her.  I still can't wait to see her after all of these years.  It actually gets more that way each year!

Thank you ladies of the Three Worlds team.  You ladies are awesome and make us proud!

Jamie, welcome home!