Happy T-Day

We had our first snow here yesterday.  It was only a light dusting of snow, but it confirmed that winter is here. Today we have a full house as we celebrate Thanksgiving.  We haven't had a Thanksgiving in a long time.  This one feels like we are in America.  The weather is cool and fall-like, instead of hot and humid.  And Aaron rigged it up so we are watching NFL football live on our TV.  We had turkey, gravy, stuffing, and apple pie.  And we have about 12 of us in the home tonight.

The Tatman's from Auburn, Indiana have been with us this week and it has been great having them in our home.  They have been wonderful supporters of the Simpson's work in Bulgaria and are just returning from a visit there.    We'll miss them.  They've been awesome guests.

Tomorrow VERY EARLY in the morning, Jamie, Marco and I are flying to London for the Quarterly Meeting of the Church of God in the U.K.  We'll spend time with the youth on Friday also.  We'll fly back Sunday night.  As you all now, London is my favorite place on this green and blue little planet we call Earth--so it's always a good day when I'm on my way there.  And it's great to be with the folks in Tottenham.

Well, it's possible that we'll check in from London and hopefully we'll have some pictures to post.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family back in the USA.  We are especially thankful to all of you that support us and the Three Worlds team over here in Europe and the Middle East.